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Celebrating 22 Years of Excellence in Architecture, Interior Design, and Master Planning: SOSHNY

In the dynamic world of architecture, interior design, and master planning, achieving longevity is a testament to creativity, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. This month, SOSHNY proudly celebrates 22 years of shaping spaces and creating environments that inspire and endure.

A Legacy of Design Innovation

Founded in 2002, by Principal architect Nory Hazaveh, SOSHNY embarked on a journey to redefine architectural and design standards globally. SOSHNY stands to create, inspire, and achieve greatness in everything they do. Over the past two decades, the firm has grown from a visionary concept to a recognized leader in the industry, renowned for its innovative approach and iconic projects.

Designing Spaces that Inspire

SOSHNY's portfolio spans across continents, showcasing a diverse range of projects that span residential, commercial, hospitality, and institutional sectors. From sleek urban skyscrapers to serene residential complexes and the highest level of hospitality, each project embodies SOSHNY's dedication to blending aesthetics with functionality.

Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

Throughout its journey, SOSHNY has remained steadfast in its commitment to excellence and innovation. By leveraging advanced technologies and sustainable practices, the firm continues to push boundaries and set new standards in architectural design and urban planning.

Global Impact and Local Expertise

With studios around the US and designs around the globe, SOSHNY brings together a diverse team of architects, designers, and planners who collaborate seamlessly to deliver world-class solutions tailored to local contexts. This global presence enables SOSHNY to stay at the forefront of international design trends while maintaining a deep understanding of regional preferences and requirements.

Celebrating Success, Embracing the Future

As SOSHNY commemorates its 22nd anniversary, it not only celebrates past achievements but also looks ahead with optimism and determination. The firm's dedication to fostering creativity, sustainability, and client satisfaction remains unwavering as they embark on the next phase of their journey. We look forward to what is to come and are excited to create a more beautiful future on design at a time.

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