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SOSHNY was founded on the core conviction that quality design continually rewards the community, client, and the design team.  Our skilled professionals and support  personnel engage in the execution of major design and architectural commissions worldwide. Our philosophy drives a design process that values exploration and the contribution of multiple voices consistent with our belief that the best design solutions are the result of thoughtful collaboration.


Nory Hazaveh, SOSHNY Principal, is a leader in producing thought-provoking designs that not only solve client’s problems, but also take them far beyond their initial visions. He consistently challenges convention, explores options and generates the kind of unexpected solutions that are the hallmark of the firms practice.


SOSHNY has established a worldwide reputation for master planning, architectural design, interior design and strong project management. For decades, SOSHNY has had the opportunity to work on an impressive array of hospitality design projects. From master planning and restaurant renovations to new tower construction and resort expansions, SOSHNY has handled every aspect of hotel and casino design on multiple properties in the major urban markets both nationally and internationally. Gaming floors, hotel rooms, restaurants, entertainment venues, ballrooms, retail stores, lounges, pool and spa retreats, office space, and food service facilities can all be found on the same property, and each use brings with it a unique set of challenges and technical requirements.

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