Since early on in his practice, Nory Hazaveh has aligned SOSHNY to be environmentally responsible and smart when it comes to clean and renewable energy. That is the reason he continued his education beyond architecture to complete his MS in Engineering at Brooklyn University, with his thesis focused on energy design and conservation.


In the early 80s, he designed a housing community based on passive solar energy with orientations, deciduous landscaping, thermal mass and thermal distribution, and he understood the importance of these design elements long before the present green movement. Those efforts were followed by the geothermal design of single family homes and office buildings, and eventually the use of thermal and solar systems with heat exchangers and liquid systems.


At the present day, we are involved with photovoltaic systems and, as a practice, almost all of our projects, regardless of size, take into account from site plan design to building performance, the impact on the environment and design systems selections. This is done specifically to reduce dependency on fossil fuels and carbon emissions. It is our company’s philosophy that we do not need directives from clients or agencies to behave responsibly in design selections and finalizing our solutions to be energy-conscious. It’s our everyday practice among our team to automatically assume our design solutions have to minimize adverse impact on the environment.